Wildlife Action of Georgia

Georgia Resource Education Center and Facilities

Buildings and Structures:

Lodge the primary structure on the property overlooking the Kellogg Creek Cove on Lake Allatoona where many of the indoor activities take place such as the board meetings, as well as group activities.



Large outdoor deck


Education Center the structure at the edge of the activity field.  This building is useful for holding classes and demonstrations.  It has a raised floor at one end with a wide-open space and can be configured for many activities.


Tool Shed on the left side of the main road across from the Lodge driveway.  This is where maintenance tools and equipment for the upkeep of the grounds and facilities.

Fuels for the lawn equipment are stored in this location.  Please refrain from smoking in the area immediately around the tool shed.

Boat Dock The boat dock is available for members on first come first served location for mooring boats while using the property.

Fees - No additional fees for members in good standing.  


No open flame on dock.


No running and jumping off the dock.  This is a regulation imposed by the Department of Natural Resources.

Jumping Cricket Fishing Hut the structure west of the walkway to the boat dock.  Canoe paddles and life jackets are kept in the hut.


Pioneer Village

Adirondack huts


Tent pad

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